Ibim Builiding Twice, S.L. is a consulting services company related to the use and implementation of BIM technology.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) constitutes an innovative collaborative work methodology, based on digital technologies which implant the most efficient methods of design, construction and buildings or infrastructures maintenance.

The model is an interoperable data base of virtual objects, which connects three-dimensional shapes to non-graphical attributes of the object: material properties, geometry, cost, planning, scheduling, information management, etc. to achieve an efficient information management along the building life cycle (design, documentation, execution, as built, use and exploitation, demolition and recycling).

We apply tested procedures to the BIM workflow, as the result of our wide experience as professionals in this field for over 20 years. Ibim belongs to Building Smart (International association promoting OpenBIM), besides it is associated to the Spanish chapter (Building Smart Spanish Chapter).

Furthermore, Ibim takes part in the BIM implementation in Spain, fostered by the Ministerio de Fomento [Ministry of Development], playing an active rol and being responsible for the work teams in esbim.es

To help companies and institutions to adapt its productive structure to get its best performance, by implementing the BIM technology with the proper software and procedures in each case.

To collaborate with the sector stakeholders, in order to obtain better quality, more accurate and at a lower cost products (projects, simulations, constructions and infrastructures).

R+D+I (Research, Development and Innovation), continuously creating and adapting the procedures to improve our client’s efficiency, adding value as the result of intuition and experience in BIM application.

Construction sector stakeholders will migrate massively to BIM in the years to come.

In fact, in other more economically active countries, this situation is already happening, since BIM is being used for a period of time, public and private owners demand the use of this technology as the foundation for the organization and management of all the information associated to the buildings and infrastructures projects and works.

By applying BIM technology, we acquire the maximum control over a building cost, time and quality. An optimal result on the investment in the design, documentation, construction, maintenance or demolition of a building is guarantee, it does not matter how complex the process is.

The construction sector lacks a prototype. For that reason, building means trial and error at the same time, being usual a number of undesired delays and cost overruns.

BIM technology allows obtaining a complete digital model which provides a sufficient level of detail to foresee the most common problems that generates sudden price, time and quality variations, before, during and after construction.

ibim EN company Curve MACLEAMY

Effort curve of constructive process (McCleamy)
Through BIM the capacity to influece the final cost along the life cycle of the buliding is brought forward

¿Building Twice? (because BIM is to build twice).
The are many advantages of using a BIM model:
-Before, in the design and documentation stage: improves communication and project coordination
-During, in the construction and execution stage: accurate definition of the elements
-After, in the use and maintenance stage: easy access to AsBuilt documentation.¿Building Twice? (porque BIM es construir dos veces)

Continuous improvement: to improve what does worse, to improve what does better.
Client-oriented service, assuming commitments and responsibilities.
To offer viable solutions to the problems encountered.

Ibim collaborates with different companies to improve a few aspects of BIM, such as the development of tools, applied to the measurement of BIM models, specialized training, infrastructures and BIM models AsBuilt documentation.

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IBIM led the team BIMLevante, obtaining the 1st prize in the BIM Competition 2015, organized by BIMValladolid.

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Here you can see the video of the presentation of our proposal.

IBIM led the team BIMLevante, obtaining the 2ndprize and the audience award (ex aequo) in the national contest held within the frame of BIM Congress Valladolid 2014.

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IBIM was awarded by the Valencia City Council in 2013. The VLC Emprende Awards [ Valencia Undertakes Awards] aims to encourage and support recently created companies and businesses, which stands out for its development and evolution in the city of Valencia.




IBIM collaborates with different non-profit organisations in the organization of events, promotion and research related to BIM



BIM implementation in Spain is developed under the name of ‘esbim.es’ (led by the Ministerio de Fomento [Ministry of development] which IBIM belongs, taking part in several work teams: strategy, technology and procedures.

The BIM Commission roadmap foresee that the use of BIM in Spain will be compulsory in 2018 for buildings and in 2019 for public tenders of infrastructures.



Standarisation initiative generated in the congress Eubim 2013, which being supported by Building Smart Spanish Chapter, developed a Spanish guide for BIM users.

IBIM members belong to the group responsible for five of the thirteen guides developed.




The national meeting of BIM users is the 1st national congress, held every year in May since 2012 in Valencia. IBIM belongs to its organization committee.



The Revit users group of Valencia is the first group of users interested in BIM. It was created in Spain in April 2010. We were co-founders and we participate actively in its activities ever since.