Project collaboration

From ibim, being able to collaborate with other companies in projects and work management with BIM technology is another way of learning. It is also a perfect opportunity to be able to train the client in the advantages of BIM.

Our work in collaborative projects focuses on coordinating the work, which can be in its entirety or in specific phases, and establish a “BIM Execution Plan” where the following items are detailed to achieve the success of the project:

  • Establishment of objectives to achieve and the documentation to be provided so that unforeseen events do not arise.
  • Establishment and designation of the personnel that will act, as well as the distribution of the resources that are going to be necessary.
  • The purpose of this process is to achieve the maximum coordination of the teams and synergies between the different disciplines.
    Comprehensive monitoring of the project always keeping in mind the objectives set in the first phase of the work.

The client always has access to the status of the project in real time remotely using Revit Server, with this we manage to carry out the transparency policy that identifies us.

For customers who need it, this work can be done from the client’s offices where the staff will be taken to the client’s offices, the latest generation computer equipment and the Autodesk ‘Collection of architecture, engineering and construction’ license to to be able to develop the project in perfect conditions.


IBIM collaborates with different companies to improve different facets of the BIM, such as the development of tools applied to the measurement of BIM models, specialized training, modeling of facilities and infrastructures and AsBuilt documentation of BIM models.

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IBIM led the BIMLevante team, obtaining the 1st prize in the BIM Competition 2015, organized by BIMValladolid.

IBIM led the BIMLevante team that won the 2nd prize and the public prize (ex aequo) in the national competition that took place within the framework of the 2014 BIM Valladolid Congress.

IBIM was awarded by the City Council of Valencia in 2013. The VLC Emprende Awards aim to stimulate and support companies and businesses of recent creation, which stand out in their development and evolution in the city of Valencia.